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As a result of his interest in carbon fibre and its mechanical properties, Slavko Gašperšič founded Gs-Carbotech in 2012 with the aim of producing high-quality carbon products. He combined his passion for motorcycling and carbon fibre to create carbon motorcycle parts that protect important parts of your motorcycle, make it lighter and give it a racer look. He is aware that motorcyclists who buy high-end motorcycles also want to equip them with high-quality products, which is what the company specialises in. As he passed his enthusiasm and knowledge onto his family, the company turned into a family business.



As a family-run business, we strive for unity of purpose, ensuring long-term success and the livelihood of the whole family, so we make sure that each of the products bearing our name is made to the highest standards. Our aim is to meet and exceed customer expectations. As we wish to preserve the values and identity of a family business and evolve in line with the time and place, we place great value in development and innovation. As we have our own production, we know exactly what we are putting on the market. Our products are exceptional in that every step of the production is done inhouse, from making the mould to making the actual product, as well as its final processing. The products stand out from the average in terms of superior material quality, precise craftsmanship and full compatibility with your motorcycle.

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