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  • The products are made from start to finish in our company, so we have control over the entire process and can guarantee the best quality.
  • The materials we use are pre-impregnated fiber – ‘prepreg’ carbon (PLAIN 200g/m2 or TWILL 245g/m2), aramid – kevlar and fiberglass in dry and pre-impregnated form.
  • Autoclave processing is the most common method used for curing thermoset prepregs. Products where the appearance of the carbon fibre must be of the highest quality require autoclaving.
  • We use ceramic lacquering for finishing products that gives permanent protection, UV protection, it is 100% chemically resistant, enables the coat to prevent water and dirt from getting in contact with the surface, very high hardness, resistance to blows, abrasion and scratches.
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